“PTSD therapy makes me realize there are things going on in my head that I am not responsible for putting there and don’t really have to be ashamed of, even though most people don’t have the same thoughts and problems. And, it gives me hope that if I work on them, I can solve them.” Donald Bakeer, P. 55 “We must confess our guilt for rampaging and ravaging Vietnam, and pray for forgiveness.” Aadil Naazir, Vietnam disabled vet. “Cathartic! This book could inspire an important new genre.” Ben Caldwell, art counselor and Vietnam vet. “PTSD is our wages for going to war when others dodged. Many of us have similar stories.” John Benjamin, Vietnam disabled vet. “This book has inspired me to write my own.” Khalid Abdul Muqaddim, Vietnam disabled vet. “Only we can say to our country, profoundly, from our own deadly experience, ‘NO MORE WAR FOR THE REST OF THIS CENTURY OR MORE!’” Donald Bakeer, Vietnam disabled vet.

PTSD! WHO, ME (Hardback) $15 (plus S&H)

PTSD! WHO, ME (Paperback) $15 (plus S&H)