Local author writes provocative book with food for thought

By Shirley Hawkins
OW Staff Writer

A provocative new book by author Donald Bakeer is certain to cause controversy as he explodes a myth that African Americans are all alike. Bakeer, who wrote the novel “Crips” and co-wrote the screenplay for the movie “South Central,” boldly theorizes in his book, “N*GG*S: The Black Curse,” that there are two kinds of black people-African Americans and N*GG*S. A former English teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School system for 30 years, Bakeer he began to notice that the students who proudly called themselves by the ‘N’ word frequently turned out to be the “troublemakers.”
“When I analyzed it, I found the kids caused chaos in the classroom and disrupted the instruction in the classroom. So, I determined that we needed to create special material for these kids. I wanted to write books that were compelling to them,” said Bakeer. Bakeer has come to the conclusion that the usage of the ‘N’ word has a dehumanizing effect and that the severity of the problem and its tendency to spread demands an immediate remedy. He theorized if he lined up ten 10th graders on one side of the room who, proudly, called themselves N*GG*S, within three years if one of the 10 graduated, he would consider it “astonishing.” “Conversely, if I lined up ten 10th graders on the other side of the room who refused to call themselves N*GG*S (and, Bakeer claimed, they are much more difficult to find lately) within three years, if one of this group did not graduate, it would be surprising.” Bakeer said that the condition for blacks who identify themselves by the ‘N’ word is the result of Post Slavery Traumatic Stress syndrome.

“N*GG*S anti-intellectualism can be traced to the fear of showing intellect (reading) during slavery,” theorized Bakeer.
In a book that combines humor, cartoons and biting commentary, Bakeer succinctly illustrates his theory with wit but with observations that will certainly make the reader think.

The following are a few of Bakeer’s trenchant observations:

You know you are a N*GG* if you teach your kids to dance…but not to read.
You know you are a N*GG* if you would rather go to Disneyland or Six Flags than Africa.
You know you are a N*GG* if you don’t even want to work, but…you blame the Hispanics for taking all the jobs.
You know you are a N*GG* if you will buy stolen merchandise and/or rob people to give your kids gifts for Christmas.
N*GG*S call speaking standard English “trying to talk white.”
You know you are a N*GG* if you think work is punishment.
You know you are a N*GG* if you teach you kids how to curse but not to pray.
N*GG*S will die defending a neighborhood that they can’t even afford to buy a house in.
N*GG*S are parasitic; they suck the life blood from the people around them.

You have to take N*GG*S out of the ghetto, but they’ll bring it with them because it’s a mind thing.
Bakeer observed, “An educated N*GG* is an oxymoron because there is no way anyone can continue being a N*GG* after receiving too much education. That was the main reason the slave master would not let N*GG*S learn to read. In fact, the overwhelming majority of N*GG*S read at an elementary school level.”
The greatest challenge of the 21st Century is going to be the reparation and transformation of N*GG*S from illegitimacy to legitimate productive citizens, Bakeer observed.

“The N word is an indulgence in self hatred nurtured by hundreds of years of chattel slavery, taught to us when we were learning the bare rudiments of the English language,” said Bakeer. “It brainwashes us into accepting a natural superiority of the white race, a brainwashing that predominates in the black underclass.”
Bakeer makes no apologies about his scathing book on the 'N' word that is sure to create controversy. “I’m dropping an atom bomb on the word. I’m trying to kill the word because the word is having such a detrimental effect on our youth. If they see themselves as being N*GG*S, the culture that comes with that guarantees that they are going to be failures,” said Bakeer.